Connect Smile to your smart device

Smart phone, tablet or both

Smile is compatible with iOS and Android devices. Everything important is in the application that is just a click away to download.

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Set Smile according to yourself

Give names to your Smile devices, add pictures, set safe and night zones. Smile serves you. Set it exactly the way you want it.

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Are you looking for keys, phone or bag??

That is a classic. Smile is hanging on the keys that you cannot find in the morning. Click on Smile in the app and your Smile will start to ring and flash.

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Turn on the motion alarm

Stay calm, Smile is on watch

Smile hides inside the motion sensor that alerts you to unwanted movement. You will get the notifications into the application immediately and Smile will set off a loud alarm.


Share Smile with family

We love this function. The individual Smile appliances support simple sharing. Share the Smile appliances in family and you can track if all of your closest ones are in safety.