Where are my keys?

Everybody knows this typical morning situation. Do not forget anything. For example, car keys. Where did we put them yesterday? You have your phone with you so you can “ring” your keys.

Where is my phone?

How many times have you been in this situation? You have been using the phone throughout the whole day so why can´t you remember where did you leave it? You will quickly get used to the fact that SMILE will find them at a double-click.

My smart wallet

It happens very often. You and your friends are in such a good mood that you don´t even notice that you have left your wallet on the table it the restaurant after paying. Luckily the application notifies you as soon as you take your departure.

Where have I left my bag?

What hard luck. The backpack with all the things is God knows where. Luckily you remember that the last location of the backpack will show in the application. Now you just need to go back into the cafeteria where you have left the backpack.

Oh, the airports

We love travelling. New experiences, smells...uh hm. So why have you been waiting and looking for your luggage for an hour at the airport? It will let you know the moment it connects via Bluetooth.

Safety at school

We do everything for our children´s safety and we want to know that they arrive to school safely every morning. For example, Jana from the accounting department smiles every morning while looking at the application that shows her that her Kristýna is safely at the classroom.

The bicycle in safety

If you are the urban jungle hunters and go by bike you will be interested in this. You have your bike locked in front of the cafeteria and you just want to know that no one is trying to steal it. The application alerts you urgently if anyone moves it while you are enjoying the amazing cappuccino.